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As wedding photographers, one of our proudest achievements is the strong rapport we build with our clients, often blossoming into enduring friendships. We dedicate our time, passion, and expertise to every client, ensuring that each moment is captured with honesty and beauty. We invite you to reach out and schedule a consultation to discuss your wedding vision in detail, learn about our creative process, and explore the diverse range of collections and services we offer. We firmly believe in the power of individuality, making every collection meticulously tailored to meet the needs of each couple.

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Most couples don't find themselves in front of a camera lens on a regular basis. That's where our engagement sessions come in! It's the best "dress rehearsal" you'll have before your wedding day. Not only does the session offer you a chance to get comfortable with being photographed before the big day, but it also provides us with invaluable insights into your dynamic as a couple. By capturing your natural chemistry during these sessions, we're able to ensure that your wedding photos truly reflect the essence of your relationship. It's all about making you feel at ease and helping us craft images that tell your love story.

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Our dedication to photography is rooted in a passionate pursuit of creative expression. With years of expertise, we possess the agility to confront any hurdles, guaranteeing a seamless and unforgettable photographic journey. Equipped with a curated stunning locales, we are ready to help enhance your special day. Our commitment to professionalism means transparent communication and unwavering reliability from start to finish. By fostering genuine connections with each client, we capture moments of sincere emotion and authenticity. Every aspect of your wedding day receives our meticulous attention, ensuring no detail is left unphotographed.

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One of our favorite aspects of shooting weddings is sharing your love story with the world.
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It is a true joy of ours to capture bridal portraits in the morning, as it marks the beginning of your long-awaited wedding day. There are so many reasons that make morning portraits so special and absolutely beautiful, it's hard to choose just one. It's in these moments where the beauty truly unfolds, and every intricate detail of our brides' vision of themselves is brought together. Let's not forget the timeless allure of a veil shot—it's a classic that never goes out of style.

Our bride and groom have this one moment, almost as if frozen in time, to appreciate one another. We cherish this part of our craft, where we witness the sparks of their love ignite. Seeing them together, lost in their own world, reminds us of the power of love. As photographers, we want to preserve this moment of your love story. Every click of the camera documents your genuine emotions, creating memories you'll cherish for a lifetime. It is an honor to play a part in this moment of pure joy and connection.

We want you to effortlessly shine through our camera lens and show us the chemistry that brought you two together. We value clients who allow us to see their authentic selves while being captured in the most intimate moments. It's essential for us to work with couples who genuinely enjoy and resonate with our style of photography. Our dream clients not only appreciate our work but can also envision themselves as a beautiful addition to the Heyn Photography family.

       Imagine yourself four decades later, nestled with your grandchildren, flipping through your wedding album. As you reminisce about your special day, a rush of emotions floods over you, transporting you back to the moment your partner first saw you in your wedding dress, your first kiss as husband and wife, your first dance together, and celebrating your love with all your friends and family.
       In my work, I strive to capture these timeless moments, preserving the essence of your love story for generations to come. Through our lens, we document not just the events of the day, but the emotions, the connections, and the magic that make your wedding day uniquely yours. It's more than just photography; it's a legacy, a story passed down through the ages, ensuring that your love story lives on forever in the hearts of those who follow.

Each wedding photography package is uniquely crafted to meet every client's needs. Individuality defies the notion that "one size fits all." Your inquiry becomes the key to tailoring your experience; personalization allows us to perfectly capture your vision.


"Elegance is the only beauty that never fades."


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Our priority is to ensure that you can truly indulge in every aspect of your special day. This entails creating a plan where you can fully engage in your cocktail hour and reception, without any unnecessary interruptions or distractions. We strive to meticulously plan and coordinate every detail so that you can relax and enjoy the festivities, knowing that everything is being taken care of seamlessly in the background.

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Throughout the wedding planning journey, we're committed to crafting a seamless timeline to alleviate stress. As the big day approaches, we conduct a detailed planning session to outline the day's blueprint, discussing all envisioned imagery and special requests. On the event day, our dedicated team takes charge of executing this essential plan, ensuring a worry-free experience for you.

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Consultations lay the foundation for our journey together. We'll connect like old friends, diving into your story and beginning the event planning during this session. Prioritizing relationship-building with your vendors, combined with their dedication to serving your needs, is of the utmost importance to us.

It all starts with a consultation


After sending us an inquiry, the exciting journey begins. We'll kickstart the process, guiding you through every step with care and expertise. From initial consultations to final delivery, we're dedicated to ensuring your experience is seamless and unforgettable.


Kylie Allmers

From the moment we met her, she went above and beyond. Not only was she an amazing photographer, but she became a great friend during the planning process. Her support and guidance were invaluable, and she helped us navigate the details with ease. On the big day, she was a true professional. She managed to capture every special moment, ensuring that the day went by smoothly. Her ability to blend in with the crowd while getting the perfect shots was impressive. She was not just a photographer but also a calming presence in the midst of the wedding chaos. One thing that truly sets her apart is her commitment to staying in touch. Even after the wedding, she continues to check in with us! This personal touch is something we truly treasure. We were absolutely blown away by her work. The pictures and albums were delivered in a very timely manner, and the quality was exceptional. She managed to capture the essence of our special day beautifully, and we couldn't be happier with the result. I truly believe she was not just a vendor, but a genuine partner in making our wedding day memorable. Her commitment to her craft, the personal connection she formed with us, and the outstanding quality of her work are all reasons why we would highly recommend her to anyone looking to capture their special moments.

I couldn't have been happier with Heyn Photography. If I can give her 10 stars I would. 

Nicole C

From the first phone call we had with Marissa, we knew we wanted to hire her - we didn’t even speak to another photographer. She took the time to plan the timeline for the day of and we hadn’t even committed to her yet. She provided so much information for the planning process - it was basically a photographer and wedding planner in one! If we had a question or suggestion, she always gave her honest opinion and would always recommend what was best to keep the day running smoothly. She was super quick to respond, and always called us if an email or text couldn’t cover all of the details. She also connected with us on a personal level, and treated us as close friends. During the photo sessions, she will direct you on exactly how to pose and will make sure that your dress or hair is not out of place. Her team is also super professional, friendly and very talented. John worked with the groomsmen while Marissa was with the bridal party, and my husband raved about how fun he was and that he somehow kept all of the guys focused. The pictures that we received are stunning. I love that she doesn’t just slap a filter on the photos, she clearly puts in the time to edit them beautifully. I would recommend Marissa to any couple and she was one of our favorite vendors to work with!!

I cannot recommend Heyn Photography enough! Marissa and her team are absolutely amazing. 

Kristen Zahn

 I knew from my initial phone call with Marissa that I wanted to hire her for our wedding this August as she is so thoughtful, detail oriented, incredibly engaging and SO talented. Marissa doubles as a wedding planner and the only reason our timeline and the whole day went as smoothly as it did is because of her meticulous planning and attention to detail. Our first interaction with Marissa during our engagement photos made us so comfortable with the whole process and it was a perfect test run for our big day. You don’t feel like the photos are a whole production and rather, she makes it such a fun experience and makes you and your future spouse so comfortable. For our bridal party photos, family photos and couple portraits, she made sure we got every shot we could have wanted (and then some)! I can’t say enough good things about this team. Hire them for your wedding - it will be one of your best decisions when it comes to wedding planning!! Next step for us is creating our album - we can’t wait to have a timeless and beautiful album we can look back on our beautiful day and have in our family for our lives and beyond.
Thank you Marissa!!

Marissa and the whole Heyn team are truly best in class talent.

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