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- Favorite Part About Weddings: Taking photos of the bride and groom alone, watching their sparks fly
- What is My Favorite Piece of Camera Gear: 70-200 mm f/2.8  lens
- Funniest Wedding Moment: My lens shade fell off a balcony at church and hit everything on its way down like the game Plinko 
- Favorite TV Show: So many! Friends, Suits, Say Yes to the   Dress
- Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing
- Wedding Song: Make You Feel My Love - Adele
- Can't Live Without: Music, family, and Berkley
- Favorite Food: Asian 
- Favorite Team: NY Giants!! 
- Guilty Pleasure: Reality TV 
 -Favorite Season to Shoot In: I'm a summer kid

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Hello and congratulations! Here is a little peak into my life

* I love love love black tea (with sugar of course!)
* I become friends with my brides 
* I have a son named Merrick who is almost 2
* My wedding was black tie and my bridesmaids wore black
* I have an obsession with little fluffy white dogs, my fur baby is named Berkeley
* We named our pup after the venue we were married at, the Berkeley Hotel
* One of my favorite things to shoot is shoes and I have a closet full of my own!
* I love a new mascara and a fresh lipstick color (I have 20 lipsticks constantly hidden in my purse shh....)
*I have never taken a dance class but I love to dance anyway
* I fell in love with music by listening to 80's and Motown growing up

Meet Us

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Meet Us

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